Angelica Root is constantly encouraging, supportive and empowering. For centuries, the oil has been known for helping in managing and minimizing anxiety levels. There are many different remedies our bodies require to feel less anxiety and stress.  Angelica Root offers unique results.

 Being native to Europe isn't the only interesting fact about this amazing oil.  During the Great Plague of 1665, the stems were chewed to prevent infection and seeds and roots were burned to disinfect the air. The roots were also dried, powdered, and mixed with vinegar to cleanse and disinfect linen and clothing.

 Angelica Root can be used for a helping to restore a healthy microbial balance, or even to mix into your favorite perfume to make almost any fragrance more interesting. 

Angelica Root CO2

  • SPECIES Angelica arcahngelica
    ORIGIN Germany
    PART Root
    METHOD CO2 Select




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