Chili Pepper or Cayenne CO2 is a bright orangish-red viscous liquid with a characteristic Cayenne aroma.  However, it typically doesnt gain the attention of holistic healers and aroma therapists.  Even though this isnt your typycal oil you but on your wish list the natural constituent, Capsaicin, is the source of both the heat and the reputed benefits of the material.  A book written by, White, Linda B. M.D. and Foster, Steven. "The Herbal Drugstore" Rodale 2000, claim that 12 medical conditions have been treated using some form of Capsaicin. These uses include arthritis, bruises, bursitis, minor abrasions, fibromyalgia and shingles. In another publication written especially for senior citizens it was listed as long-term pain relief.

Chili Pepper (Capsicum) CO2

  • SPECIES Capsicum frutescens
    ORIGIN India
    PART Fruit
    METHOD CO2 Select
    CLASS Capsacin




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