The plant is found in tropical regions but is nevertheless very hardy and can be grown even in frosty conditions. Generally it is cultivated in India, the West Indies, China and Indonesia. As well as being a popular musk substitute for perfumery, it is also commonly used as a spice in cooking. In India it is also known as Mushkdana or Kasturi Bhendi. To use the oil, it must first be extracted from the seeds which appear kidney shaped.

The oil contains a lot of palmitic acid and is popular for treating anxiety, fatigue, stress, cramp, headaches, indigestion and more. Also interestingly, it is often cited as being a powerful aphrodisiac!

Musk Ambrette Seed CO2

  • SPECIES Hibiscus abelmoschus
    ORIGIN India
    PART Seed
    METHOD CO2 Select




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